Learning French


Bonjour à tous. Je m’appelle Kakrona Pos. J’ai 15 ans. J’aime Seventeen et Yibo.

Hello everyone! My name is Kakrona Pos. I am 15 years old. I like Seventeen and Yibo

I used to learn french when I was 12. I learned in government school with a young Mademoiselle. She is kind and she like me a lot. My hand writing in French is not good. I like french and I want to go and visit Paris when I was young.

Now, I’m 14! I still want to go to French. I learn French in a website call Babbel.com. I also take test on Duolingo too. I feel like, I want to take French as my third language. Khmer is my first language and English is my second language. I want to go to Canada. Most spoken language in Canada are English and French. Since I already know how to speak English, I want to learn French due to the reason that I want to go to Canada.


Growing Cactus

Cactus have been my favorite plant since I was young. For me, Cactus can represent a lot of things. It’s small, but it can protect itself by its thorn. It can also represent strong because it is one of the plants that can survive in the desert. It also cute.Growing cactus is a little bit hard for me because I did not do enough research on it. 

On the first day, I spray a lot of water and I spray three times per day. My friends said “Cactus doesn’t need a lot of water”. Then I tried to not spray a lot of water and I spray one milliliter per three days. Now, my cactus looking good, but it didn’t grow as big as I expect 🙁

September, 4th, 2019