How I Change Cambodia – Year 3

Single Use Plastic

Many people in the world would choose something that is convenient and easy for themselves. There are many different things that are convenient and single use plastic is one of the biggest problems.

What is Single use plastic? Single use plastic is plastic that you use only one time and throw it away. Some examples of single use plastic are, soft plastic cup or cap, styrofoam for food, plastic bag and more stuff. In Cambodia, plastic bags, plastic cups and styrofoam are really convenient for them. Market in Cambodia uses plastic bags to pack the stuff. This habit is affecting the planet. The plastics will always increase as we use everyday. Most of the people in Cambodia don’t understand about the effect of plastic. They’re not also use a lot of plastic, but some of the people also throw it everywhere.Then, there will be plastics on some land field, deep down in the ocean or underground. It’s not a good looking place for tourists who came and visited Cambodia. Talking about affecting the earth, it means “Destroying the nature piece by piece”. Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything. Nature is almost provide everything to both humans and animals. Nature makes your worries melt away.  Nature instantly relax you and make you feel unbelievably, grateful for this beautiful planet we get to call home. Because of plastics, one day this beautiful and precious planet will never be called beautiful and precious again. By knowing the disadvantages of using plastic, I’ve joined an amazing project called “No Single use Plastic”. During this project, it’s changing and brighten up my brain and my mindset about plastic. I know the disadvantages and advantages about plastic before, but not too deep. Now, I’m getting a lot of lessons about plastic. In this project, we are going to launch our idea about using stainless steel lunch box and reusable bags instead of plastic straws, styrofoam and plastic bags. First step, we’re only spreading our ideas to our school. We have a future plan which is we will be doing our presentation and using all of our knowledge to convince the villagers near our school to start using the things that we’re recommend. 

Changing something is really hard, especially people mindset. Talking about changing, it’s not an easy thing to do. Personally, I am also a person who uses a lot of plastics. I’m using plastic bags because I’m too lazy to bring my bag with me. This has become my habit. I heard from outside that plastics are really dangerous, but I can’t stop using it. I’ve took about 1-2 years to change my habit. Right now, I’m changing a lot and I hope I can change the whole me. I was  born and raised to see a beautiful world, but what I found now it’s not what I expected. I can’t change my whole community, but what I can do now is change my school, myself and my house habit. I will try to make this world is better than what I found. Earth is huge, but can’t win billion people. Those billion people can transform the world into a different world! Most of the people don’t believe in something that has not yet happened. Just like plastic. All people around the world perceive about plastic, but they didn’t care because it will never happen. Wait till it’s happen, those people will feel apologize to earth.


Independent Study / Round 5

This round is more of independent. We need to make our own decision with our work. My teacher was creating a schedule for all of the student to put down their work and any work that related to writing. I think, I like this round the most because most of the work that I have during this class are mostly the work that left over from the last class and I could finish the homework on time. Including in that, my teacher also add some of the reading article and having us reading book and at the end, we will do our book review to our classmate.

My teacher call it a Novel Study. We read the novel and we study the novel by their vocabulary, their component, the format and the main idea of the book. I read a book call “The bad Beginning or Orphans! Written by Lemony Snicket. When I first saw this book, I feel like it really interesting with the cover and the title, but when I read the description, I don’t really want to read it. The description said “ Read something else! If you are like happy ending. This book is not only have sad ending, but it has no happy beginning or in the middle. The book have a little bit of happy scene. The book was amazing. I kind of like this book, but it’s not my favorite book. After finish the book, I am doing the book review with my other friend who read the same book as me and do a short presentation to my classmates.

Beside this reading things, my teacher also have a writing session and it’s about “How to Be happy”. This is about how to be happy when you get something bad or you have a bad situation. I wrote about How to stay positive when battle depression. I have spend almost ten weeks to finish this essay which include, research, correct grammar, finding quotes, inspiration, what is depression and new words using. Until now, I get one amazing essay which written by me!

S-I-M-P-L-E Machine / Round 5

Everyday, people use modern machine to help improve their work or make their work easier. Mostly, they define machine as the tool that use electricity and modern tool, but tools like hammer or axes are also call machine, but it’s just the different type of machine that you use the force from yourself more than it can do for you. For this round, I’ve not been at the class much, but I kind of understand and know what is my class content. In the past seven weeks, we have learn about Simple Machine! What’s a simple machine? Simple machine is any basic mechanical device for applying a force  which include wedge, plane and lever. For this topic, I’ve learn and understand the content from a website call, but I also learn and do some research from the other website too.

To understand clearly about the content, my teacher have divide us into team and let us do some small project. In this project, we are making a simple machine and use whatever material that we have in our school. My team have three members and we decide to make pulley! Pulleys are simple machine that lifting some heavy stuff to make human easier.

These are the photos of Pulley that I have made with my teammates. 



Filming & Acting / Round 5

Have you ever watch the movies or film? Was it good? Do you like it? What is your favorite movie? What kind of genre do you like? What is your favorite movie country? Okay, Let’s stop asking question now. This is the last round and the last exploration for my third year. I was one of the lucky students who get to choose to learn with two Hollywood star. They are Aviv and Lianne. Through seven weeks, we have divide into two team. There are acting class and editing class. We have learn different skill for five weeks and for the last two weeks we have made an amazing film together.

Let’s talk about me 🙂 For this amazing film, we have different roles and I am Production Designer! I am the head of the production designer. My role is to dress up the actor and have all the props ready for them. This role is kind of hard because I need to ask for all the props and clothes for the actor. I enjoy my role and I think, I’ll pay my best effort on doing my role.

What I have learn from this exploration is so much to talk. It’s including the technique of shooting the video, how the different role do their job, types of film, story or explanation behind the story, the evolution of the story and the technique of editing the video. I can say that, after I learn about all those things, every time I watch the movies, I always look at the angle that they shoot, the tone, the design and other things. During the seven weeks that we have learn, our teacher do screening a lot of movies. My favorite movie among all of them is The Matrix.

Ready to film!

ការតែងសេចក្ដី / How to write Essay / Round 5

ការតែងសេចក្ដី គឺមានច្រើនប្រភេទ។​ ទាំងនោះរួមមានទាំង ការតែងសេចក្ដី បែបពន្យល់ ការតែងសេចក្ដី បែបអក្សរសាស្រ្ដ ការតែងសេចក្ដី បែបសុភាសិត និង ពាក្យស្លោក ។ ការតែងសេចក្ដី ទាំងនេះគឺមានលក្ខណៈផ្សេងៗគ្នា ។ សម្រាប់ការតែងសេចក្ដី អំពីពាក្យស្លោក គឺចែកចេញជា បីប្រភេទ ។ ទីមួយ​គឺ សេចក្ដីផ្ដើម ។​ ក្នុងសេចក្ដីផ្ដើម យើងចែកចេញជា ផ្នែករួមមានទាំង លំនាំបញ្ហា ចំណូលបញ្ហា និង ចំណោទបញ្ហា ។ ទីពីរគឺ តួសេចក្ដី ។ នៅក្នុងតួសេចក្ដី គេមានចែកចេញជាប្រាំផ្នែកធំៗ ដែលមានដូចជា ឃ្លាភ្ជាប់សេចក្ដី ពន្យល់ប្រធាន បកស្រាយប្រធាន និង​ សរុប ។ ទីបីគឺ សេចក្ដីបញ្ចប់ ។ សម្រាប់សេចក្ដីបញ្ចប់ យើងមានចែកចេញជា ពីរប្រភេទគឺ ការវាយតម្លៃប្រធាន និង មតិ/យោបល់/ទស្សនៈផ្ទាល់ខ្លួន ។ នៅក្នុងនោះដែរ ខ្ញុំបានតែងសេចក្ដី អំពីសុភាសិតមួយដែលនិយាយថា​ តក់ៗពេញបំពង់។

For this round, we have learn how to write essay in Khmer. There are many different type of essay in Khmer, which are Essay about proverbs and slogans, essay about Khmer literacy and essay about explaining something. The format and the process of writing these essays are really different. In my class, my teacher was picking an essay about proverbs and slogans. Because it is a lot, my teacher only focus on proverbs first than follow by slogans. How to write essay about Slogans? Well, we have different part to write about. First, we are writing about the introduction. In the introduction we are divided into three parts. There are into the problem, revenues problem and asking about the problem. The thing that the introduction want us to avoid is Don’t ask the slogans meaning to the audience. Second, we have body paragraph. In there we divided into five big parts which are, sentence connect with the introduction, explain some of keywords of the slogans, explain the topic, explain the meaning of the topic and conclusion of the topic. The third and the last of how to write the essay is the conclusion. For this, we have two parts to write about. First is giving feedback to the slogan and personal opinion about the slogans.

The slogan that he give us to write about is “ Waiting for each water drops, the cup will be full in one day”.

Independent Project / Round 5


This is the fifth round of technology/multimedia, but I still find it hard as always. I have learned a lot of things in this class which include, Adobe programs, coding and some strategies for researching. Coding seems to be very hard for me because I’m not really interested in coding and it’s really difficult for me. I always keep myself focused on my teacher, so I do not fall asleep and don’t understand anything. But, what’s special for this round is my teacher let us choose what topics that we have learned so far this year to learn more. I decided to choose photoshop and work on it, but I have so many problems. The point is I don’t know how to use photoshop :(. I want to edit a lot of cool picture like on the internet, but I can’t because I have no skill at all. In the end, I decided to use digital drawing to draw and outline some of the pictures in the photoshop.I  want to learn how to use Digital drawing because I see many people create their own cartoon with digital drawing. I’m obsessed with cartoon pictures. I want to draw and create my own cartoon pictures, so I decided to choose and learn more about Digital Drawing skills. I learned this skill by using a website call and I’ve seen some seniors and juniors using that and I try to learn with them. On Wednesday, there is a schedule that I have chosen to learn with my senior. It’s call Visual art project. They teach me how to use it. First, I only learn how to outline the picture and color them with simple picture. At first, I don’t really know how to use Photoshop. In Photoshop, they have so many layers and the layers  need to be in order, so that we can arrange our drawing path. The other thing is, we need to click on the layer that we want to draw, so that we can draw. In this part, I met so many problems with clicking the wrong layer and I don’t arrange it. I solved my problem by asking my friend and discovering things by myself. One thing I hate about discovering things by myself is sometimes my work goes crazy and it disappears. It was not fun to lose my work, but I really enjoyed outlining and coloring the picture. In the future, I think I want to try to draw my own picture and see what is the difference between my work and other people’s work, then I can improve them later. After I learned how to use the digital drawing, I really enjoyed it and I want to continue using it forever. Even though, I’m changing from editing some cool pictures into drawing things in Photoshop, but I have try some of the tools in Photoshop too! Here are some of my photos that I have edited.  


These are my drawing that I am using other people photo to outline and do some color.

These are my final products!






Wrap up all lessons/ Round 5

This is the last round of my third years. Woohoo! I can’t believe it this fast. So far this year, I have learn a lot of things such as Calculations with numbers, fractions, decimals, surface area, ratios, measures and volume, percentage, angles, data analysis, rate and speed, and an introduction to algebra. In all of those things that I learn in this year, I think, I do best on fraction, decimals and surface area. I seem to be very focus with these topics. For me, they are the most easy topics to learn in math. The hardest topic for me in math is algebra. This topic is really difficult for me TT. The word that they are using is really tricky and sometime it really hard to understand since English is not my first language. For this round, we are most focus on data analysis and rate and speed. In my opinion, these two topics is not really hard or easy, they are medium level for me. Some words problem of this topics is easy to solve, but as I say, the sentence or question are tricky that is why it make it’s hard for me.

The conclusion, this round I enjoy learning math class because it’s not really difficult and it’s an important topic or lesson for me when I’m growing up or take a test for university 🙂

Acid VS Base / Round 4

Did you know that spicy thing is acid?

Acid is a substance that have particular chemical properties. It’s include turning litmus red ( it’s a tool to measure acid and base ), neutral or neutralizing alkali and it dissolving some metals. Typically acid is known as a corrosive or sour-tasting liquid of this kind. Base is a chemical species that donates electrons, it accepts protons and releases hydroxide ions in aqueous solution. Base play certain characteristic properties that can be used to help identify them. The different between Acid and base is bases are the chemical opposite of acids. Base was any compound that when dissolved in water, gives a solution with a hydrogen ion activity lower than that of pure water. For acid, acids are defined as compound that donate a hydrogen ion to another compound ( it’s base ). Some example about acid, from I understand are lime or bitter thing.

Picture by Chimp Food
Photo by zlifeeducation


How To Be Happy :) / Round 4

How to Be happy

This is the paragraph that I write about my feeling what make me HAPPY 🙂

People may have different kinds of happiness or not, but for me Yes! I have different kinds of happiness. When I’m out in nature alone with some fresh air and sunshine, it makes me happy and relaxes. I am happy when I’m with my family, eat together, talk together and laugh together. You could hear the sound of laughing and smile on their face. Music is also a part of my happiness. Soft music and relax music make me happy. Animals like dogs and grasshoppers make me happy. When they playing or hop around and eat something make me thinking of their freedom and I can see that they have a really happy feeling. One last thing is the most important for me. Cheer people up is the big happiness for me. I feel like I get to help people a lot with my cheer. I don’t know what are they thinking, but I just feel like I want to cheer them up.

Novel Study

Reading is the most important skill for us to have. We know a lot of thing from reading. We know the new thing, interesting things, mysterious, different factor anything else from reading. Reading making us happy or sad depending on what we read. For me, I like to read a novel book because it’s content a lot of emotional story and some methods. I decide to read that story is because I read the description of the movie and I look at the title of the book. Outsider is one of the books that I read in my literacy class. Our teacher let us choose what book we want to read. When I first see the Outsider, I feel like, I want to know what is the story about. So, I decide to choose that story as my novel for my learning.
The goal that my teacher wants to get from the students after they finish their novel, she wants us to understand and know what is the story want to talk about. The main and important target that we want are the summarize of the story, the conflict between character and character, the theme of the story and more… By learning this, our teacher divides us into a group and set a discussion after reading one or two chapters. The final product that we get is we create a Google slide and present to our class what we have learned from the novel and what is the story talks about.

Outdoor Leadership exploration / Round 4

Photo by Kuychan You

Outdoor leadership was a really amazing exploration among all of the exploration. It was an exploration that we going out to camp in the forest and I have a lot of fun.

On 26th of March, we went to Mondulkiri. We leave school at 8am and we have a long ride from our school to Mondulkiri. We arrived Mondulkiri at the evening.

Wow! That was me when I step out from the bus. You don’t know that feeling, if you are not in the situation. It’s really beautiful out here.

The weather here was just perfect! But let see what is the weather for the morning

___ Wednesday 27th

Wow! The weather was just killing me! It’s very cold out here!!

I can say that it freeze my whole body, from my head to my toes.

                    Photo by Yanich Khin

Trekking for hard and long way make my legs sore. I was so excited with all this nature, but this is was my favorite part. Our tour guide help us to the place where the elephant live and they help us cooked our lunch. You never know what will happen, but I helped them cooked! Yeah, I can say that this is one of my big accomplished for the trip because I’ve help them a lot with cooking.

After the food done, we ate all together at a big and long table. We all have fun together during lunch time. The food was amazing! Everything they use is all from nature, No Technology. I was amaze with their work because they were so creative. They are one of the indigenous people that are really friendly. I never think that indigenous people act this kind and I’m really appreciated them on their work.

After we finish everything, we trek back with safe and sound!

New environment always difficult for me. During this trip, I’ve a struggle time with my sleeping. It was hard to sleep in tent because it’s a small place. In wilderness is full of animals. I can say that it’s a place for animal to lives. One of my struggle is when many insects enter my  tent without permission! Well, if they ask for the permission I would not let them in and they will just sneak in the same :(. During the night time, we turn on our light to keep it bright and that when the insects enter. We try to kept our tent close, but they can still sneak in without me knowing the reason.


Overall, this trip giving me a lot of experiences and lesson. What lesson that they trip giving me is when I need to take care of my tent, when I cooked food in the wild without technology, when to take care of myself during hot day and long trek and last but not least is when we enjoy together.

All of this can apply to my life. We never know what will happen on us in the future. What if we stuck in the forest and what will we do to save our life?