Words discovery time!

Research Time!

There are billions of words in the dictionary. There are many types of words around the world too. Some words are used in the text, some are used in poetry and some are used in different kinds of writing. Literary device is one of the important types of word. While there are hundreds of literary devices have been created, there are 24 common types of literary devices. 

In our literacy class, our teacher have assigned our. classmate for different literary devices. She called it a mini lesson, which all of us will get one literary device and do some research to teach our classmates. Those research include, the meaning of the words, some examples and activity to make sure everyone understands the words.


I got a relaxing task which do a mini-presentation for a word call Oxymoron. What I need to do is to look up what the word first and then I’ll go deeper and deeper. I’m in-charge of this word, so I want to make sure that all of my friends will understand this word. Let’s get started!

In Greek, Oxy mean sharp and moron mean foolish. Together, we call it an Oxymoron. Oxymoron originally put into a meaningful paradox and condensed into a couple of words such as Lonely crowded and sweet sorrow. Oxymoron also known as a figure of speech in which two opposites ideas are joined to create affect. The common oxymoron phrase is a combination of an adjective and preceded by a noun with contrasting meaning like living death. We don’t call a person oxymoron, but we describe them. Oxymoron usually use for style, to adding flavor to the speech, for entertainment and for drama effect. I also using oxymoron in my writing, but you don’t realize it. You can go check the first paragraph again. See? I use a word relaxing task. The word relaxing always mean easy and free. Task mean something that you need to get done and sometimes it difficult. I use this word because it sounds fun and make it more interesting. At the end of the presentation, I also have a game which I’m adopted from Study website. This game is just to test everyone understanding with making oxymoron.  I learn a lot from this self discovery and understand word.




Independent Study / Round 5

This round is more of independent. We need to make our own decision with our work. My teacher was creating a schedule for all of the student to put down their work and any work that related to writing. I think, I like this round the most because most of the work that I have during this class are mostly the work that left over from the last class and I could finish the homework on time. Including in that, my teacher also add some of the reading article and having us reading book and at the end, we will do our book review to our classmate.

My teacher call it a Novel Study. We read the novel and we study the novel by their vocabulary, their component, the format and the main idea of the book. I read a book call “The bad Beginning or Orphans! Written by Lemony Snicket. When I first saw this book, I feel like it really interesting with the cover and the title, but when I read the description, I don’t really want to read it. The description said “ Read something else! If you are like happy ending. This book is not only have sad ending, but it has no happy beginning or in the middle. The book have a little bit of happy scene. The book was amazing. I kind of like this book, but it’s not my favorite book. After finish the book, I am doing the book review with my other friend who read the same book as me and do a short presentation to my classmates.

Beside this reading things, my teacher also have a writing session and it’s about “How to Be happy”. This is about how to be happy when you get something bad or you have a bad situation. I wrote about How to stay positive when battle depression. I have spend almost ten weeks to finish this essay which include, research, correct grammar, finding quotes, inspiration, what is depression and new words using. Until now, I get one amazing essay which written by me!

How To Be Happy :) / Round 4

How to Be happy

This is the paragraph that I write about my feeling what make me HAPPY 🙂

People may have different kinds of happiness or not, but for me Yes! I have different kinds of happiness. When I’m out in nature alone with some fresh air and sunshine, it makes me happy and relaxes. I am happy when I’m with my family, eat together, talk together and laugh together. You could hear the sound of laughing and smile on their face. Music is also a part of my happiness. Soft music and relax music make me happy. Animals like dogs and grasshoppers make me happy. When they playing or hop around and eat something make me thinking of their freedom and I can see that they have a really happy feeling. One last thing is the most important for me. Cheer people up is the big happiness for me. I feel like I get to help people a lot with my cheer. I don’t know what are they thinking, but I just feel like I want to cheer them up.

Novel Study

Reading is the most important skill for us to have. We know a lot of thing from reading. We know the new thing, interesting things, mysterious, different factor anything else from reading. Reading making us happy or sad depending on what we read. For me, I like to read a novel book because it’s content a lot of emotional story and some methods. I decide to read that story is because I read the description of the movie and I look at the title of the book. Outsider is one of the books that I read in my literacy class. Our teacher let us choose what book we want to read. When I first see the Outsider, I feel like, I want to know what is the story about. So, I decide to choose that story as my novel for my learning.
The goal that my teacher wants to get from the students after they finish their novel, she wants us to understand and know what is the story want to talk about. The main and important target that we want are the summarize of the story, the conflict between character and character, the theme of the story and more… By learning this, our teacher divides us into a group and set a discussion after reading one or two chapters. The final product that we get is we create a Google slide and present to our class what we have learned from the novel and what is the story talks about.

“I Am From” / Round 3

Do you ever notice or wonder about the history of your own name? Let me share the story about my name.

My name means mercy or pity in my language which is Khmer. In Thai, my name means please. Well, it’s mean similar meaning between my language and thai. In my school many people trying to match me with my name like “ Oh, her name mean pity or mercy. Does she feel pity to other or not?” or “ Ohh, why do your parents put this name for you? It’s nothing relate with you. You are lucky enough. Not really pity for you”. They can say this, but in lavian my name mean crown. I want to tell all my friend that I have power because my name mean crown. You will regret in someday by making fun with my name. I don’t know why I’m saying this.

This name is come from “ Prom Vihear Thor”. This is a Khmer advise that teaching student about the good things and to have a feeling in our mind that we need to give love, pity and happiness to other. There are four Prom Vihear Thor which are, Meta, Kakrona, Mutita and Opikha. As I said the same thing, Kakrona mean mercy and pity. Have pity feeling in your head a feeling that god have give you.

For me, I don’t want to have the same name with others because I feel like…. people will compare me with that people who share the same name with me. I don’t like being compare. I never believe myself that I’m a better person, so that’s the reason I don’t like being compare. My name exist when I was born. My mom is the one who decide to put this name for me. Like I said at the first time, it’s mean mercy or pity in Khmer. During my birth was the struggling day of my mother. Also, I’m the youngest in my family and my dad pity me for being the last. I don’t understand why. The last reason is I wasn’t born in the hospital or in my house or my relative house. I was born in a place where you never expect. I don’t want to tell you where is it.

“Does you feel pity for others?” This is the question that my friend ask me. I wonder why those people need to know and compare the name with the people. For sure! My name match with my attitude because I feel pity for some animal and some other people like begger or homeless people. Give love and happiness to homeless people is like helping a million people. I would also give the food to some stray animals and help some small animals like ant, grasshopper….. In class, I always help them out with their homework or their work in class. Everyday I’m trying to act myself to match with my name. It’s so difficult when you have the name that mean polite or pity. You sometimes get bullied by other people because of your name.

“Why your parents decide to put this name for you? You should have a different name than this name, Kakrona” My friend joking. I don’t mind them because it’s real. I was born in a place that you’ll never believe. I don’t want to tell what it is. If I have a chance, I want to change a name that is cooler than this, but it doesn’t have any meaning. Well, I like my name now. It’s not bad, but I don’t want people to dig into the history of my name like now, I’m writing and explain about my name. In conclusion, I like my name. I don’t want to change my name and I always want to have the name that my parents give it for me.

In our class, we also make a poem about our name.

“I Am From” Poem

Adapted by Levi Romero

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from a black blanket, from a red hammock and my blue two seats bicycle . I am from the up wooden and down brick house that smell dew drops water every morning. I am from the crown of thorns. The mango tree, the short coconut tree whose long gone lims I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from loving and phumben time, from my parents and my older sisters. I am from a joke team and small party and from family backyard picnic.

I’m from paradise and advise of life and birthday song made up by me which is misheard lyrics, buffalo eat a dog.

I’m from older respecter. I’m from a small room and pure khmer blood, greatest people and a mixture of healthy vegetable.

From a struggling man who work hard for his children and his family. Inside my photos album were recorded all memories of my family. A family photo without my first sister made me remembering a time when I hike to a mountain with my greatest people. Flashback smile on those photos make me watering my eyes, I smile again with hope and happy.

Student name: Kakrona Pos                                   Date: 16/01/2019

Argumentative Essay / Round 2

This round, in english literacy class, we learn about how to write Argumentative Essay. Argumentative Essay is an essay that is argued about something. This essay needs a lot of research. To write the essay, we need to choose a specific topic so that we want to argue about. One of the most important things is that we need to interesting on the topic that we choose so that we can do research well on this topic. For me, I choose a topic called Fragrant meat should be eliminated.   Down here is my argumentative essay. Please enjoy!

Kakrona Pos                                              English Literacy

Hannah Trivitt                                          Dec /17/ 18

Fragrant meat should be eliminate

There are many kinds of meat all around the world. However, some of the meats are legal and some of the meats are illegal to eat. People still eat illegal meat even though it’s not appropriate for the human to eat. To put it another way, people don’t want to follow the government rules, but they want to try something new and they don’t care if it appropriate or not.

Even though fragrant meat is common for eating in some counties, people must stop this action of eating fragrant meat because dogs provide advantages for owners. The eating of fragrant meat can spread disease and lead to the extinction of dogs.

Dogs provide advantages for owners because dogs help people with many things such as health problems and their feelings.  Kathy Benjamin, a newsletter writer from Metal Floss of New York said, “ While other pets help people, dogs have added a special benefit of needing to be walked and played with numerous times a day. This means that many dog owners are getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease”(in text citation). To clarify this statement, people can be healthy and happy at the same time. Around 40 percent of people in the world take exercise as their habit. What about another 60 percent of people in the world? Are they willing to do exercise physically and spend a lot of time with sweat all over their body? Most of the people are willing to do the easy thing, as well as getting benefits for doing it. To sum up, dogs have many little advantages than what think. People should throw the thought of eating fragrant meat away and back to eat what meat that legal to eat.

Some cultures around the world, such as China, for instance, they believe that “Eating the meat during the summer months brings luck and good health. Some also believe dog meat can ward off diseases and heighten men’s sexual performance”(in text citation). Again, because they have there believed, they choose to do what the believe told them and they don’t think about their health. People who eat fragrant meat do not always kill the dog by themselves instead, they bought from other. According to Sara Farr the journalist of One Green Planet, she said “ In 2015, Vietnam suffered from a rabies outbreak with approximately 30 percent of the deaths attributable to the slaughter of dogs for meat” (in text citation). A lot of people in China prefer buying fragrant meat from other rather than kill the dog by themselves. For people who kill dogs for meat, the percent of getting Rabies is so high. “ Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain of humans. It happens by scratches or bites from other animals. Saliva from an infected animal can also transmit rabies if the saliva comes into contact with the eyes, mouth or nose”(in-text citation). Rabies is one of the hardest diseases to cure. Mayo Clinic is a website that gives Patient Care & Health Information about any disease. Mayo Clinic had exclaimed that Rabies creates some symptoms that people often notice about it because it looks like usual as normal life. Confusion, a high level of excitement and excessive saliva production are the symptoms of Rabies. Because of this, all kind of symptoms is so usual, people with Rabies often survive also, they don’t get really good care from hospital plus with family. Because of killing the dogs for meat, people get bitten from dogs. Most of the dogs around the world carry rabies in their bodies. Rabies travels through the dog saliva and leaks to where the dog bites the people. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a center that saving lives and protecting people. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also known as CDC 24/7. According to CDC 24/7, they said “More than 59,000 people died in each year because they can’t get the good cares. That’s about 1 person die because of Rabie in every nine minutes” (in text citation). In short, people shouldn’t eat fragrant meat. They should step forward or backward by eating other meat because Rabies is one of the hardest diseases that hard to heal.

There is a huge number of dogs around the world. Due to this reason, they can produce the puppies up to 10 or even more than that. Even though there are many dogs in the world, in the future, the dogs will be extinct because of people. Humane Society International is an organization created to protect animals and show compassion within different regions. HSI has stated, “ An estimated 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption each year across Asia in a brutal trade that involves terrible cruelty to animals and often” (in text citation). Countries around the world such as China, South Korea, and Vietnam are the countries that eat fragrant meat the most. They even kill their own dogs for eating. As an example, Yulin province in China has celebrated a festival called “Lychee and fragrant meat” festival for ten days. On those days, dogs are killed in order to celebrate the festival. Dogs will be extinct soon if the government doesn’t take any action.

Overall, fragrant meat is not the best meat. If you think fragrant meat is good, stop it now and go back to eat whatever meat beside this meat. Think about fragrant meat a little bit deeper. It does not contain any needed protein. It’s the only meat that hard to get. It taste might be different from other meat. It’s expensive because of it rare. Also, it’s illegal when you are eating it. Eat any kind of meat that gives you many needed protein to help your body and your health. Healthy should come first before anything else. From now on, stop eating fragrant meat if you have done once or twice. Help to spread words with your family, relative, neighbor and your friends. Altogether, please keep this sentence in your head “Fragrant meat should be eliminated”.








Attention People Who Eat Dog Meat! Here are 3 Major Health Concerns You Should Know About


New words Packet / Round 1

English Literacy class is one of my favorite class. I like to learn new words and take note in my book. Learning new words is a bit complicated because you have to define the definition of the word and understand it.

In the last few weeks, my teacher give us one packet a week. We only have four packet which mean four Units. All the words is came from Latin and Greek words. It have the Root word, meaning and Origin. We want to know and learn where the words come from and wants to explore new words. First one is Just Add Water. All the words is about water. The Root words of this Unit is Hydr meaning of water and came from Greek, Aqua/aqu meaning of water and came from Latin and Mar/mer meaning of sea, came from Latin. One of my favorite word is Aquarium. This words mean the glass or bowl that people put the fish to live in there. I never visit the aquarium one time, but I wish too. The second Unit is about All Eyes And Ears. This unit is about sound, hearing and seeing. The Root words are Vis/vid also known as see, look and came from Latin. Aud meaning hear and came from Latin. Last one is Phon, mean sound and came from Greek. Visionary is a great word. Guess what this word mean? Think about it in one minute before continue read. Hmm, can you find it or kind of get what it mean? Well, let me give you an example about Visionary. Steve Jobs’s futuristic thinking and creativity made him the most well-known Visionary of our time. Do you get some clue about Visionary ? Now let me tell you the definition of it. Visionary is a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. Do your guess match with my definition ? Let move on to Unit three. Unit three is call I Just Gotta Know! The root word are mem, ology and sci. Mem mean mindful, recall and it’s came from Latin. Ology mean to study and it’s came from Greek. Sci mean to know and came from Latin. Etymology is one of my new words in unit three. It’s mean the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. This words is what we are learn rightnow, to study of Greek and Latin roots. The last unit is call Express Yourself! The root words are Dict, Scrib/script and Graph/gram. Dict mean say or declare and came from Latin. Scrib/Script mean write and it’s came from Latin. Last one mean write, draw, describe or record. It’s came from Greek. Calligraphy is sound very cool. Yes! It’s cool because it’s mean the art of making beautiful handwriting. I know some of Calligraphy. When we finish the unit once a week, we will have a little quiz before our teacher hand our new unit. The quiz is about the word that we have learn in the packet and the teacher just wants us to review the words. My best points for the test is 90%.

I always learn new word during I research something. I found a word during making the cinquain poem. The word is Delightful. It’s mean charming and loving. The word sound really fresh and cool. I will try to learn more vocabulary.