Get to know me here!

My Past 

I learned in Primary school call Kolap in Pursat province. I went to school every day by my lovely bike. I rode my bike with my friends. My friend named Rita and Vouchkim. They are my best friend. We learned together since the first grade. Every day, I learn grade six in the afternoon. I learn from 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock. During this time, I learn Khmer literacy, Mathematics, Earth-Science, and sociology. I have my schedule for my learning. For Monday, I learn Khmer literacy for two hours, Earth-Science for one hour and Sociology for one hour. The teacher gave us two breaks a day. One break is 10 minutes long. I learn in Kolap school since I’m in the first grade.


My present

Hi, my name is Kakrona Pos. In Khmer Kakrona mean merci or pity. In other languages like Latin, it means crown. Wow! Such a meaningful name. I got this name from my mother. First, my grandfather put the name Meta for me. This name means you trying to make someone feel great and safe. When my mother heard this name she said, this is too much pity for my name. I raise up in Pursat province. I was born on 1st-Sep-2004, if you would like to know. I have five siblings including me. I’m the youngest in my family. 

In 03-Aug-2016, I got a scholarship to study in a school in Phnom Penh call “ Liger Leadership Academy”. I choose to spend my life in this school because I thought I could experience more things than just sitting in class at follow what the teacher said. Just like I said, this school is really amazing. The study curriculum are much different from the government school and it’s really interesting. If you want to know more, click on the link up there.

I am a person who likes to be alone and quiet. I’m talkative with my friends just to have fun with them and make good connection with them. I’m one of the people that like to imagine and think a lot. I always think through to the future about my life and my education. I often laugh alone when I’m thinking of my past or my future. I want to make people laugh and make fun together. I don’t want them to have a bad mood or bad feeling. I like to cheer people up when they are sad. That’s me! I like to do stuff that people do not often do. 

My future

I’ve always imagine that I will be one of the people who will help to develop my own country. One thing I want to help in Cambodia is to get more kids get education. I want to be an author, so I can write many books and share the book to all over Cambodia. I was born to be a change agent in Cambodia. I want to help Cambodia by my greatest skill, my knowledge and my courage. I hope Cambodia will be a peaceful country and a country that is well known by amazing things.


My hope for my Family

I’ve always thought that, I will help my family by giving my love and my care to them. My parents! They’re the best people I’ve ever met. They treat me as their angel, so who doesn’t love them? To be honest, I want them to live in a house that make them comfortable and access to what they need. I want them to live happily and easy just like when they trying to work hard for me when I was little. I want them to earn money by some sort of business which not take a lot of hard-work. I want them to have a healthy life and stronger, so they can see me make my country to a better country and they will not regret to have a child like me. 

“Enjoy reading my portfolio!”