I’m Kakrona Pos ( ប៉ុស​ ករុណា​ )​ Kakrona spell as ករុណា ( Kak-ro-na ) meaning sympathy in the four sublime states in Buddism. I grew up under my rooftop in Pursat province, Cambodia. I have five siblings including me. I’m the youngest in my family. 

In 03-Aug-2016, I got a scholarship to study in a school call “ Liger Leadership Academy”. I choose to spend my life in this school because I have a hunch that this school is a great school for me.

I spend most of my time being alone and thinking about plots for my story. I like writing story and drawing. I like to watch anime and play sports. Basketball and football are my favorite sports. I take goalkeeper as my role in football. I like sports more than reading books. I like things that are convenient to me. I hate dirt! I like being clean. I would avoid dirty things rather than get rid of dirty things.

I like to involve with activities that are related to nature and environment. I like camping and growing plants ( I actually never succeed in growing any plants ). I want to protect nature!