Get to know me here!

When I learn in the government school

I learn in Primary school call Kolap in Pursat province. I went to school every day by my lovely bike. I rode my bike with my friends. My friend named Rita and Vouchkim. They are my best friend. We learned together since the first grade. Every day, I learn grade six in the afternoon. I learn from 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock. During this time, I learn Khmer literacy, Mathematics, Earth-Science, and sociology. I have my schedule for my learning. For Monday, I learn Khmer literacy for two hours, Earth-Science for one hour and Sociology for one hour. The teacher gave us two breaks a day. One break is 10 minutes long. I learn in Kolap school since I’m in the first grade.


Hi, my name is Kakrona Pos. In Khmer Kakrona mean merci or pity. In other languages like Latin, it means crown. Wow! Such a meaningful name. I got this name from my mother