Learning French


Bonjour à tous. Je m’appelle Kakrona Pos. J’ai 15 ans. J’aime Seventeen et Yibo.

Hello everyone! My name is Kakrona Pos. I am 15 years old. I like Seventeen and Yibo

I used to learn french when I was 12. I learned in government school with a young Mademoiselle. She is kind and she like me a lot. My hand writing in French is not good. I like french and I want to go and visit Paris when I was young.

Now, I’m 14! I still want to go to French. I learn French in a website call Babbel.com. I also take test on Duolingo too. I feel like, I want to take French as my third language. Khmer is my first language and English is my second language. I want to go to Canada. Most spoken language in Canada are English and French. Since I already know how to speak English, I want to learn French due to the reason that I want to go to Canada.


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