“ART has so many different tastes. Those tastes including drawing, painting, singing, pottery, photography, film, sculpture and etc. For me, knowing how to draw is really matter. Drawing can make you feel happy and enjoy your life”

Zenitsu Agatsuma – Kimetsu No Yiaba

Talking about drawing, there are many types and ways to draw. We can draw by paper and pencil or Digital Drawing. Now, let’s talk about digital drawing. Digital drawing is a drawing that using graphics software and using drawing tablet. I am one of the people who like cartoons and anime characters. I once saw an artist using digital drawing and imagine her own drawing. Her drawing is really amazing and cool. I would say that her drawing is make impact and hiding with some story behind the picture. I get inspired by her when I heard about her ideas and her creativity and here I am, drawing and designing my own pictures. 

Digital drawing is kinda easy for me, I guess? I used photoshop to do my drawing. I would call myself a beginner since I’m just starting it!

By knowing this, it changed a lot of my perspective on drawing. I like digital drawing, but I would spend time drawing on paper more than digital. 

Silhouette Painting!

Isn’t the moon lovely?
Shinobu Kocho – Kimetsu No Yiaba
This mountain is kinda weird!


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