Humans Of Cambodia – Year 2

Cambodia is a wide country in Southeast Asia. Cambodia have a lot of culture and their own traditional. All of their traditional and culture are all interesting and great. One of the culture in Cambodia is people. Cambodia people are the people that are giving happiness to other and always giving their smile to the other people. They are friendly to other people especially their own people and foreigner.

One of my favorite explorations this year is Humans of Cambodia. Humans of Cambodia is an exploration that talks about human life in Cambodia and get to know more about humans in Cambodia. It inspired by humans of new york. Humans of New York is a website that make by Brandon Stanton. After learning about this exploration for seven weeks, I feel like I get to know more about human life in Cambodia. In the first week I have learned about how to interview people and how to take photo. How we interview people is that we put our note in front of us and ask them question that we write in our note. After I learn how to interview people, I have understand a lot. Learning about people life is really interesting and fun. We went to a lot of different places in Cambodia to interview the people in that place. First we went to russian market. I have learned a lot from Russian market because some people they are busy and they don’t want to talk with us because they don’t want to miss their customer. Some people they are free and they are friendly. So we interview them easily. Some people they are busy, but they are friendly and they kind. So they let us talk with them. This is the first trip that I go and I can improve when I go to other place and I can know whether they are busy or not. Then we went to the place near our school like market, pagoda, school and people houses. The longest trip is Chiso mountain in Takeo. We went to Chiso mountain because we think that on the mountain will have more interesting than our place that we have been go. We went in the morning and come back in the evening. We climbed the mountain and interviewed people on the mountain. The last trip is takhmao riverside in Kandal. We interviewed people a lot and we got to see people ride the boat.

I have learned a lot in this exploration. After I learn this I know how people feel when we interview them, how to talk to people so they don’t get afraid. I can share my experience and share my knowledge to the next generation. I learn from Humans of Cambodia exploration a lot and what I learn from that exploration I want to share to kids and other people. I want them to know their own culture and their own human story.

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