Wildlife Concern/ Protecting Cambodian Elephant and animals – Year 1


This is my first year at Liger. Learning in Liger is really great and I have know a lot of things. I never know and have a feeling that I want to change Cambodia, until I come to Liger.

What’s animals? Animals are the specie that are mostly living and feeding by themselves. What is animals important for human? Well, animals are important for human because human need protein and all the protein are mostly come from animals. Animals also give people entertainment. Animals help to plant more tree and tree help people to live. This year, me and my school going out to see the animal in the zoo and learn about animals. After we learn all of that, we have create a story that related to the problem that they have and find the solutions. In my team, we have six members and we are all have difference role. We have drawer, writer, editor, and coloring the pictures. We are all did great on our jobs and we finish our task. Here are the picture and story that we have made.


In the first year, we have a mini exploration and my team was doing about Protecting elephant in Cambodia. People in Cambodia are killing the elephant and get their trunk. Elephants place in in the forest that full of trees. If people cut down the tree, the elephants will have no place to live. We create this exploration for people to know more about protecting animals that we have.

In this concept, I want to share to all of the children in Cambodia to get to know all heritage that they have like animals. Some country does not even have this kind of animals, so we should protect them. If I can, in the future I’ll campaign all of this ideas to the country and to the world. Then I’ll make an event for people to join and get to know of what I have learn.