MMMR — What is that?

What did I learn last round??????

Ohh right, I learn about Mean, Median, Mode and Range. Almost forgot. Kakrona you baka!

Before jumping to the lesson, let me ask y’all one question! How are you doing? It’s been a long time since I’ve updated any work. I’ve been pretty busy lately and I don’t have any time to update. Okay, let’s get going with our lesson.

It’s not really a lesson, but it is what I have learned in class for round 3. 

Teacher: What does mean mean? 

Me: Huh? Mean? Mean means to convey, refer or aim for the knowledge that wanted to give to other people.

Teacher: Idiot!

Me: Nani Sureh? ( What are you saying in Japanese )

Teacher: Not this meaning.

Me: ( try again ) Mean means rude or you are acting disrespectful to another person.

Teacher: Still idiot!

Me: NANI? ( What in Japanese )

Teacher: Almost right, but not this.

Me: ( last try ) Mean means the average of set number

Teacher: Subarashii!!

Me: Go-gome teacher. What does “Subarashii” mean?

Teacher: Excellent!

Me: Arigato!

To get you back from my joke show up there, let’s me explain the four words here . Mean means the average of set number.

Median means the number in the middle of the set of numbers.

Mode means the number that most appear.

Last but not least is range. Range is the difference between the lowest and the highest number.

To understand deeper, you can do some problems that are given down there. The most important thing is “DON’T FORGET TO ARRANGE THEM FROM SMALLEST TO BIGGEST”

Enjoy and hope you like it.

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Problem 1

The numbers that are given: 92, 45, 74, 29, 19, 87 and 56.

Find the mean, median, mode and range for the number that are given.l

Problem 2

The numbers that are given: 30, 100, 46, 99, 215 and 30

Find the mean, median, mode and range for the number that are given.l

Problem 3 — Challenge problem!

( I haven’t tell y’all about the formula of how to do this, but this is extra work)

There are 4 scores that Summer got from her learning. They are 25, 45, x and 93. The mean of the four scores is 50. Find the missing score.


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