Program Timeline & The Adventurous Trip of the round

Make Change

Create change doesn’t mean you only do it one time. To create change, you need long time duration to create that change and make an impact. Follow up from last round, I’m still here creating and implement program to different schools in Cambodia.

Let’s do it!

Last round, me and my team create workshop plan and module for Outdoor Leadership program. This round, we are going out to different schools in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh to try out our program and run through our module. In week three of our exploration, we went to KAPE organization which is located at Phnom Penh. This organization has been approved by our team that we can work with them. On that day, we went to get to know each other by playing some games, having conversations and building trust. We also observe some of the students that can fit to our workshop and have high interest on Outdoor.

“The more you do, the best you will get”

There is a quote states, “ The more you do, the best you will get”. This quote has push and inspire us to do more than what we are doing right now. Last time, we implement and practice our workshop plan with KAPE organization. Because we want to improve our work, we also went down to Happy Chandara school to do our workshop there. We have been improving our Khmer workshop more and more than before. We also got a lot of feedback which includes what we did well and what could have been done better.

Young Leaders

To teach others, you need to teach yourself first”. Seeing this quote, it make us going hiking at Oral mountain in Kampong Speu, Cambodia. We have a plan to take the students that have done our workshop before and going hiking at different mountains in Cambodia. To lead them to different mountains in Cambodia, we need to learn and know what to do first before teaching others, so we are going to go hiking in Oral mountain! Our goal is to learn how to be an outdoor leader and to face different situations that might happen during the trip. We need to learn how to face those problems and solve it. 

Take Action | During Trip

We went to Oral mountain for two nights and three days. On the first day, we took four hours to ride the bus from our school to Kampong Speu province. We took another 2 hours on riding tractor to the base of the mountain and we took 3 hours to hike up to ⅓ of the mountain. We need to carry all of the stuff that we need including, water, food, tents, our personal backpack, grassmates, food containers and other small items such as hygiene stuff.

On the second day, we wake up early in the morning and we start hiking at 7am. You will never expect or imagine what the route look like if you never been hiking before. The route is really difficult to hike and very steep. We had to hang on to each other in order to reach to different places on the mountain. We have one CHALLENGE that we all need to face. Before the trip, our facilitators have divided us into four different teams and lead in different days. The facilitators role is to act as one of the participants and have different problems for each day which includes homesick, tired and other problems that are related to hiking. We are the leader of that day, we need to help them and find a solution to help them.

On the last day, we get back to the base of the mountain and rode the tractor back to the village and to our bus. We get back to our school by 5:30​ pm and it’s time to clean up!

We help preventing blisters for each other
The number 3 count from the back is me!
View from 1/3 of the mountain
The man is sitting is our amazing tour guide

Adventurous, new experiences and Face Difficulty

There are so many challenges and difficulties during the trip. At the same time, we also have fun and enjoy the time that we have together. We have to do most of the things by yourself like carry the items up to the mountain. The route to the campsite that we are going to sleep is really steep and slippery. Some of our members health is not really good and some of us is not that strong too. Talking about strong, we hike up the mountain on the second day and the route is extremely difficult. I can say that, this is my first time having a difficult hike. I love hiking, so I kept pushing myself and my legs to continues even though it sore my leg’s muscles. Sadly, we didn’t reach the top of the mountain because we are afraid of getting dark.

“The fruits of your own hard work is the sweetest” – Deepika Padukone

Kakrona, a girl with determination, love to explore, love adventure, self protection and love mountain is having an accomplishment that not most of her friends didn’t have the chance. She was born to be a person who loves nature from her heart, her blood and her soul. By hearing the name, people already know that she is strong and unbreakable. Who is that girl? It’s me! I will keep pushing myself to do work. I will make this program happen and well known around Cambodia. I will try my best no matter what. I will make the best of this, so it can pay my hard work for 129 hours or 98 days.

Girls in Sport!

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