How I Change Cambodia – Year 3

Single Use Plastic

Many people in the world would choose something that is convenient and easy for themselves. There are many different things that are convenient and single use plastic is one of the biggest problems.

What is Single use plastic? Single use plastic is plastic that you use only one time and throw it away. Some examples of single use plastic are, soft plastic cup or cap, styrofoam for food, plastic bag and more stuff. In Cambodia, plastic bags, plastic cups and styrofoam are really convenient for them. Market in Cambodia uses plastic bags to pack the stuff. This habit is affecting the planet. The plastics will always increase as we use everyday. Most of the people in Cambodia don’t understand about the effect of plastic. They’re not also use a lot of plastic, but some of the people also throw it everywhere.Then, there will be plastics on some land field, deep down in the ocean or underground. It’s not a good looking place for tourists who came and visited Cambodia. Talking about affecting the earth, it means “Destroying the nature piece by piece”. Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything. Nature is almost provide everything to both humans and animals. Nature makes your worries melt away.  Nature instantly relax you and make you feel unbelievably, grateful for this beautiful planet we get to call home. Because of plastics, one day this beautiful and precious planet will never be called beautiful and precious again. By knowing the disadvantages of using plastic, I’ve joined an amazing project called “No Single use Plastic”. During this project, it’s changing and brighten up my brain and my mindset about plastic. I know the disadvantages and advantages about plastic before, but not too deep. Now, I’m getting a lot of lessons about plastic. In this project, we are going to launch our idea about using stainless steel lunch box and reusable bags instead of plastic straws, styrofoam and plastic bags. First step, we’re only spreading our ideas to our school. We have a future plan which is we will be doing our presentation and using all of our knowledge to convince the villagers near our school to start using the things that we’re recommend. 

Changing something is really hard, especially people mindset. Talking about changing, it’s not an easy thing to do. Personally, I am also a person who uses a lot of plastics. I’m using plastic bags because I’m too lazy to bring my bag with me. This has become my habit. I heard from outside that plastics are really dangerous, but I can’t stop using it. I’ve took about 1-2 years to change my habit. Right now, I’m changing a lot and I hope I can change the whole me. I was  born and raised to see a beautiful world, but what I found now it’s not what I expected. I can’t change my whole community, but what I can do now is change my school, myself and my house habit. I will try to make this world is better than what I found. Earth is huge, but can’t win billion people. Those billion people can transform the world into a different world! Most of the people don’t believe in something that has not yet happened. Just like plastic. All people around the world perceive about plastic, but they didn’t care because it will never happen. Wait till it’s happen, those people will feel apologize to earth.


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