The difference between Percentage and Angle / Round 4

Math is one of the most important lesson to learn. You need math for your everyday living a lot. Examples, when you are going to the market, you need to buy some food and you need to calculate the price of the food that you buy. When you grew up and you want to take a job as a cashier, you need to know how to calculate too, even you use the machine to calculate the money.

Percentage is also a part of math. Let me tell you the introduction of percentage. Percentage is a unit that use to calculate thing easily. Usually, we always keep as hundreds. Every number that they want to use percentage, they always say 100%. Example, the population in Cambodia is 16.01 or 100%. In 2008, the population of Pursat province is about 442,973 and as percentage, it’s equal to 3.1% to the total population of Cambodia. That’s show, it is more easy to look at the percentage because percentage is short and easy, but for the actual number of the people is hard to remember. Down here is one of the example of Percentage.


Angle is “ the space (usually measured in degrees) between two intersecting lines or surfaces at or close to the point where they meet” – Dictionary. In my own understanding, I think angle is use for measuring the area of something and it is the two line that meet together in the different direction or shape and it’s create the different angle. We also learn about the name of the two angles that is add up to 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Supplementary angle is angle that the two angles that sum is 180 degrees. Complementary angle is the two angles that plus together and the sum is 90 degrees. Angle is use for Engineering, architecture, building thing or designing thing.

Down here is the types of angle that we have learn. These are all the lesson that we have learn in this round.

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