Argumentative Essay / Round 2

This round, in english literacy class, we learn about how to write Argumentative Essay. Argumentative Essay is an essay that is argued about something. This essay needs a lot of research. To write the essay, we need to choose a specific topic so that we want to argue about. One of the most important things is that we need to interesting on the topic that we choose so that we can do research well on this topic. For me, I choose a topic called Fragrant meat should be eliminated.   Down here is my argumentative essay. Please enjoy!

Kakrona Pos                                              English Literacy

Hannah Trivitt                                          Dec /17/ 18

Fragrant meat should be eliminate

There are many kinds of meat all around the world. However, some of the meats are legal and some of the meats are illegal to eat. People still eat illegal meat even though it’s not appropriate for the human to eat. To put it another way, people don’t want to follow the government rules, but they want to try something new and they don’t care if it appropriate or not.

Even though fragrant meat is common for eating in some counties, people must stop this action of eating fragrant meat because dogs provide advantages for owners. The eating of fragrant meat can spread disease and lead to the extinction of dogs.

Dogs provide advantages for owners because dogs help people with many things such as health problems and their feelings.  Kathy Benjamin, a newsletter writer from Metal Floss of New York said, “ While other pets help people, dogs have added a special benefit of needing to be walked and played with numerous times a day. This means that many dog owners are getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease”(in text citation). To clarify this statement, people can be healthy and happy at the same time. Around 40 percent of people in the world take exercise as their habit. What about another 60 percent of people in the world? Are they willing to do exercise physically and spend a lot of time with sweat all over their body? Most of the people are willing to do the easy thing, as well as getting benefits for doing it. To sum up, dogs have many little advantages than what think. People should throw the thought of eating fragrant meat away and back to eat what meat that legal to eat.

Some cultures around the world, such as China, for instance, they believe that “Eating the meat during the summer months brings luck and good health. Some also believe dog meat can ward off diseases and heighten men’s sexual performance”(in text citation). Again, because they have there believed, they choose to do what the believe told them and they don’t think about their health. People who eat fragrant meat do not always kill the dog by themselves instead, they bought from other. According to Sara Farr the journalist of One Green Planet, she said “ In 2015, Vietnam suffered from a rabies outbreak with approximately 30 percent of the deaths attributable to the slaughter of dogs for meat” (in text citation). A lot of people in China prefer buying fragrant meat from other rather than kill the dog by themselves. For people who kill dogs for meat, the percent of getting Rabies is so high. “ Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain of humans. It happens by scratches or bites from other animals. Saliva from an infected animal can also transmit rabies if the saliva comes into contact with the eyes, mouth or nose”(in-text citation). Rabies is one of the hardest diseases to cure. Mayo Clinic is a website that gives Patient Care & Health Information about any disease. Mayo Clinic had exclaimed that Rabies creates some symptoms that people often notice about it because it looks like usual as normal life. Confusion, a high level of excitement and excessive saliva production are the symptoms of Rabies. Because of this, all kind of symptoms is so usual, people with Rabies often survive also, they don’t get really good care from hospital plus with family. Because of killing the dogs for meat, people get bitten from dogs. Most of the dogs around the world carry rabies in their bodies. Rabies travels through the dog saliva and leaks to where the dog bites the people. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a center that saving lives and protecting people. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also known as CDC 24/7. According to CDC 24/7, they said “More than 59,000 people died in each year because they can’t get the good cares. That’s about 1 person die because of Rabie in every nine minutes” (in text citation). In short, people shouldn’t eat fragrant meat. They should step forward or backward by eating other meat because Rabies is one of the hardest diseases that hard to heal.

There is a huge number of dogs around the world. Due to this reason, they can produce the puppies up to 10 or even more than that. Even though there are many dogs in the world, in the future, the dogs will be extinct because of people. Humane Society International is an organization created to protect animals and show compassion within different regions. HSI has stated, “ An estimated 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption each year across Asia in a brutal trade that involves terrible cruelty to animals and often” (in text citation). Countries around the world such as China, South Korea, and Vietnam are the countries that eat fragrant meat the most. They even kill their own dogs for eating. As an example, Yulin province in China has celebrated a festival called “Lychee and fragrant meat” festival for ten days. On those days, dogs are killed in order to celebrate the festival. Dogs will be extinct soon if the government doesn’t take any action.

Overall, fragrant meat is not the best meat. If you think fragrant meat is good, stop it now and go back to eat whatever meat beside this meat. Think about fragrant meat a little bit deeper. It does not contain any needed protein. It’s the only meat that hard to get. It taste might be different from other meat. It’s expensive because of it rare. Also, it’s illegal when you are eating it. Eat any kind of meat that gives you many needed protein to help your body and your health. Healthy should come first before anything else. From now on, stop eating fragrant meat if you have done once or twice. Help to spread words with your family, relative, neighbor and your friends. Altogether, please keep this sentence in your head “Fragrant meat should be eliminated”.


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