Story telling / Round 2

Pixar Pitch

Many movies, use Pixar Pitch to tell their story. You all have known this, but you just don’t notice. They tell the story by Pixar Pitch structure. Pixar Story Structure is you tell the story one by one and in order. 

Pixar Story Structure

Digital Storytelling

People all around the world now likely use Digital Storytelling because it’s easy. Digital Storytelling is the combination of audio, video, and letter. Somehow they can just post the story in the social media or make the video. 

Digital reading or the storytelling

Some Photography Tips

The Composition Tips of the photo. There are many compositions of the photo. Let’s me list you some of the compositions. I will tell you six compositions of photos. 

Straight Horizon is the photo that takes with the straight lines from two up. 

The girl’s head is one line and the poster behind is one line

Rules of third is the photo take by put the object in one of each line.

The tree is in the third line ( looking from left to right )

Headroom / Leadroom is the photo that gives the top of their head, their front or sometimes their back some space.

There is some space on the dog head

Symmetry is the photo that takes the same two side. 

The reflection of the ball in the water. Taken by our team

Depth is the photo that take by putting an object and takes with background.

The background behind the dog is blur

Leading line is the photo that leads to the way and never ends

The picture shows the road goes never end



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