New words Packet / Round 1

English Literacy class is one of my favorite class. I like to learn new words and take note in my book. Learning new words is a bit complicated because you have to define the definition of the word and understand it.

In the last few weeks, my teacher give us one packet a week. We only have four packet which mean four Units. All the words is came from Latin and Greek words. It have the Root word, meaning and Origin. We want to know and learn where the words come from and wants to explore new words. First one is Just Add Water. All the words is about water. The Root words of this Unit is Hydr meaning of water and came from Greek, Aqua/aqu meaning of water and came from Latin and Mar/mer meaning of sea, came from Latin. One of my favorite word is Aquarium. This words mean the glass or bowl that people put the fish to live in there. I never visit the aquarium one time, but I wish too. The second Unit is about All Eyes And Ears. This unit is about sound, hearing and seeing. The Root words are Vis/vid also known as see, look and came from Latin. Aud meaning hear and came from Latin. Last one is Phon, mean sound and came from Greek. Visionary is a great word. Guess what this word mean? Think about it in one minute before continue read. Hmm, can you find it or kind of get what it mean? Well, let me give you an example about Visionary. Steve Jobs’s futuristic thinking and creativity made him the most well-known Visionary of our time. Do you get some clue about Visionary ? Now let me tell you the definition of it. Visionary is a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. Do your guess match with my definition ? Let move on to Unit three. Unit three is call I Just Gotta Know! The root word are mem, ology and sci. Mem mean mindful, recall and it’s came from Latin. Ology mean to study and it’s came from Greek. Sci mean to know and came from Latin. Etymology is one of my new words in unit three. It’s mean the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. This words is what we are learn rightnow, to study of Greek and Latin roots. The last unit is call Express Yourself! The root words are Dict, Scrib/script and Graph/gram. Dict mean say or declare and came from Latin. Scrib/Script mean write and it’s came from Latin. Last one mean write, draw, describe or record. It’s came from Greek. Calligraphy is sound very cool. Yes! It’s cool because it’s mean the art of making beautiful handwriting. I know some of Calligraphy. When we finish the unit once a week, we will have a little quiz before our teacher hand our new unit. The quiz is about the word that we have learn in the packet and the teacher just wants us to review the words. My best points for the test is 90%.

I always learn new word during I research something. I found a word during making the cinquain poem. The word is Delightful. It’s mean charming and loving. The word sound really fresh and cool. I will try to learn more vocabulary.

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