Software Program / Round 1

In our class, teacher wants us to know some software program and know how to use it. We learn Indesign, Lightroom CC 2018 and Photoshop. In indesign we use it for design the books, the magazine, the newspaper and other things. In Lightroom CC 2018 we use it to edit our pictures to look more better. If our pictures is too dark we can edit it to lighter or abit light. In Lightroom CC 2018 is really useful and if you download it and try to use it, it really good and give it a try now! Last but not least is Photoshop. Photoshop is really different from Lightroom CC 2018. We can at some more picture in our picture. For example, I download the png of Angkor Wat. I add some Apsara dance near the temple. I add some more flower near the temple and I can add other thing if I want. If you are Advance you will learn more from Photoshop. For our homework teacher give use to make the poster in the Indesign, edit the photo in Lightroom CC 2018 and add some picture that we edit in the Photoshop. I made about Suicide forest in Japan. I add some information and I make a really cool poster ( for me ). It’s include some information and some pictures about suicide forest. I edit the picture of the hanging tree in Lightroom CC 2018 and add in my poster. I also cut some of my picture in Photoshop and add to my poster. These three app is really cool and If you want to know more, Download it and try it.



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